Preparing for Pulse 2018

2018 has been a massive year for East End Press! The year started with a very exciting and inspiring trip to India, followed by a studio move up the road to the newly developed Rogart Street complex. This May is also East End Press' first ever trade show, Pulse in London’s Olympia. During the show East End Press will launch their brand new collection that was developed in Jaipur in January. Expect lots of colour, pattern and paper garlands!


Pulse is known for exhibiting design focused, high quality small brands and attracts buyers from small independent shops. Participating in trade show is a significant financial commitment for a small business - in addition to the stand fee you also have the display costs associated to your stand, the transport and accommodation to pay for and the time you are having to take away from the day to day running of the business. However hopefully the costs pay off! Participating in a major trade show like this feels like a mile stone in running the business, hopefully it'll be the first of many!