Sustainable Materials and Minimal Waste Policy

Here at East End Press we are keen to keep our products as sustainably made as possible. Inevitably there is always going to be a factor of environmental impact when manufacturing new products, but below are some of the key ways we try and be as environmentally friendly as possible. This is something we are always working on, and if you can think of solutions aside from the ones below then we would love to hear from you!
All paper used in East End Press garlands is recycled. The actual garlands are made from cotton paper, which is created from discarded cotton waste from India's hosiery industry which is pulped down and turned into the thick, luxurious paper used for our garlands. The paper packaging used to protect our garlands is recycled, acid free recycled paper. Currently the outer sleeve of the garlands is clear plastic but this is something that we are hoping to change later in 2019 - watch this space for more information!
Wooden Decorations
Only FSC (Forest Steward Council) and PEFC (Program for Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified wood is used when making our wooden decorations. This means that all the wood comes from sustainable sources where responsibly forestry is demonstrated. The decorations are packaged in recycled card boxes, which themselves are fully recyclable once used. The decorations are printed with water based, non toxic inks.
Postal Packaging
All orders that leave the East End Press studio are sent in boxes made from recycled card, with stuffing in the form of recycled brown paper which can be recycled once the package is received. Plastic bubble wrap is only used if it is being re-used after being sent to us, and we would encourage the receiver of the package to reuse it again!