After safe, fair working practices, our second biggest responsibility is ensuring our products are sustainably made. It’s hard to truly preach about sustainability when you run a business creating more not essential ‘stuff’ with long air miles, but we try hard to lessen the impact of our products. This includes:

  • Always using AZO free nontoxic water based inks
  • Always using 100% recycled content paper, including within our packaging and labelling
  • Never using plastic ever, products are all made from paper or FSC certified sustainably sourced wood
  • Half of Nikhil’s unit in Jaipur is run entirely from solar energy (they have a lot more sun than we get at the Glasgow studio!)
  • Electric van to move paper sheets, printed paper, paper shapes and sewn garlands between the various units in Jaipur
  • Water harvesting system installed in Sadjit’s printing studio. No ‘new’ water is ever used, and dirty water is never released. Water is collected, cleaned, and reused again and again within the printing process
  • Receiving all shipments in the UK via sea rather than aircraft
  • Using paper filled and paper made postage packaging when shipping orders out from the studio in Scotland

We are always open to new suggestions and ideas about how we can improve what we do, so please do get in touch with questions, feedback or ideas:


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